Puppets for animation. Made from materials such as silicone, resin, metal, fur, fabric, foam latex, wood.

This puppet head seen above is a personal project meant to teach me the basic techniques of creating a mechanised puppet head. During the building process I was advised by a senior model maker Nigel Leach from Aardman. The design is based on short film project The Langwitch, created by Irina and Olga Ert. This fabrication process included sculpting, mould making, silicone and resin casting, silicone seaming and painting, silver soldering, 3D printing and painting. This project helped me to understand the essential principles when creating a puppet head with animatable facial expressions. The gif animation on the right shows some of the expressions this puppet is able to perform. 

These two cut-out characters , girl and a bear, I made during my Master's degree course. They are made by drawing a design in illustrator, laser-cutting the parts from plywood and assembled with small pins. I used them to practice the basic animation principles on a rostrum multi-lane setting.